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On the 27th-28th July, took place the 3rd official Development KIDS Course  in Benidorm, the course was conducted  by Master Donato Nardizzi. Each participant received a copy of the Study Book for Children program and Instructor's Guide 288 pages. All participants was welcome by Master Ferrando and by the President of the Spanish Federation.
  In the course were present, Master Ruben Suarez USA, the Master   Kenneth Wheatley of Ireland, Jose Ramon Viudes Master, Master Juan Ferrando and also to Mr.Leonardo Oros of Israel .
We were impressed with the course and material. The Master Nardizzi explained and taught the program in the sequence and the relevance of the issues involved. The ease and superior knowledge of the issues allowed the class to relax and respond to questions. Class participation and role-play was a great way to quickly learn and encouraged even the oldest students to participate.
The Master Nardizzi began the course with a Powerpoint presentation giving an overview of the Children's Program. After the presentation, Master Nardizzi showed several warm-up games. Participants discussed the merits of each game and discussed ways to change the games to improve classroom management and promote the development of skills. It also taught us the "Principle of Morphing" as a way to eliminate the negative association of "losing" or "fail" in the games by using a basic principle of "change of role." At the end of the first session, the Master Nardizzi explained some of the higher principles of Agenda for Children that are necessary to develop a culture that promotes harmonious coexistence. This prepares students to learn the moral culture of Taekwon-Do.
The participants congratulate Master Nardizzi for the quality of the Course.

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