Date:  June 1-2, 2013
Place:   Pijnackker, Netherlands
Organizer:  Sportschool Tim Koon


Dear Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors and competitors, 

Hereby we would like to officially invite you to the 4thHolland Cup on the 1stand 2ndof June in Pijnacker, the Netherlands.Pijnacker is very close to the Dutch city Delft, and easy to reach from Amsterdam Airport. The organzing committee has already made agreements with two hotels in Delft, which will serve a discount for Holland Cup competitors ( 

Because of the very large number of competitorsin the Holland Cup the last 3 years, the organizing committee has decided to make it a 2-day event. Competitors can participate in: sparring, pattern, pre-arranged free sparring, team sparring and team pattern. Of course, everybody is welcome at the Holland Cup and we invite youth (until 15), juniors (15-18), seniors (18-35) and veterans (35+) from all grades or degrees. Furthermore, the Holland Cup is sanctioned by the national governing body ITF-Netherlands, and part of the ITF-Netherlands Master Series tour, meaning that all Dutch top competitors will be present!


All the information you need is available on our website:


We would like to draw your attention to: 

Official invitation:

Competition rules: 

Next to this, also a lot of other information is available, that will make your trip to the Netherlands more easy.We hope to greet you all on the 1stand 2ndof June in Pijnacker, the Netherlands. 


The organizingcomittee

Tim Kool(IV)

Rory de Vries (IV)


Dear Grandmasters, Masters, Instructors and Competitors,

Hereby we would like to draw your attention to the 4th edition of the Holland Cup, which will take place on June 1st and 2nd 2013. The Holland Cup is the leading Taekwon-Do tournament of the Netherlands, and one of the most professionally organized tournaments of Europe. Since the 1st edition in 2010 the tournament has grown rapidly, to a large international tournament with more than 600 competitors from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Norway, Poland, Greenland and France in previous editions.

The organizing committee of the Holland Cup consists of all (ex-)national Dutch team members, who therefore know exactly what they want to see arranged in a tournament. This year the tournament will be a 2-day event with its own afterparty! Furthermore, pre-arranged sparring has been added as an event to the already present events, which are individual sparring and pattern for all coloured and black belts, and team sparring and pattern for only the higher grades. We also present a large trophy to the best competing club or gym! 

Last year the Holland Cup was evaluated and scored by all competitors, and reached an average score of 8,7! Furthermore, well-known competitors and coaches commented on the Holland Cup:

  • Mrs Julia Cross: “Great organization and the hospitality was much appreciated. We will be back next year with more competitors”
  • Mr Harry van Schaik: “I would like to congratulate the organization with a perfect 3rd Holland Cup. Another step forward has been made, the professionalism and differences are easy to see. You have worked very hard, and I enjoyed it so much that I stayed till the very end.”
  • Master Thomas Denis: “How can you not love this tournament!”
  • Mrs Katarzyna Rozwadowska (AETF): “I really enjoyed the competition. It is real pleasure to see people taking care of every little detail. This is called 'professionalism'.”

A full report of last year edition of the tournament can be found on the AETF website:

We would like to ask you to keep a close eye on our website: The first information is already present on this site, and within the next weeks the official invitation and entry forms can be downloaded from the website and more details will be revealed. If you have any questions, the contact form on the site can already be used and we will be more than happy to help you. Hope to see you all in the Netherlands on the 1st and 2nd of June! 

Kind regards,

Organizing committee “Holland Cup”

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