76th IIC in Addis Ababa for the second time after 46th IIC

On  November 22nd 2012, with the presence of Mr. Gideon Haile from Federal Sports Commission and Mr. Biyam Wehabe from Addis Ababa City Administration, the  ITF 76th International Instructors Course started at 9:00 in the morning after the welcoming message by Mr. Tamrat Feyessa, President of Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Federation and GM Hector Marano message, who is President of the Argentinean Taekwon-Do Federation and Chairman of the ITF Technical Instruction Committee, then the IIC was officially opened by Master Paul Weiler, ITF Senior Vice President. The course started with a warm up exercise. In this IIC there were more than 220 black belts participants from 1st to 5th Degree. People participated from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Uganda and Sweden. The 76th IIC was conducted by the above mentioned Instructors including GM Kim Ung Lan. During these two days of International course several parts of ITF TKD were covered, for example: 

1.       Technical Content of the 24 Patterns

2.       Different techniques in self defenses

3.       Sambo, Ilbo and Ibo Matsogi (1, 2, & 3 steps sparring)

4.       Umpire course for 35 referees

5.       Grading from 2nd to 3rd Degree, from 3rd to 4th Degree and from 5th to 6th Degree conducted by the Technical Committee members and Master Paul Weiler.

This IIC was officially closed by Master Paul Weiler, Senior Vice President of the ITF on November 23rd 2012 at 16:45.

Ethiopian Participants enjoyed very much this IIC; they were surprised by the technical knowledge of the ITF team. We would like to thank the team members and the ITF for this valuable support. 


2nd ITF TKD African Cup 

Just after the success of the 76th IIC, the 2nd African Cup was fully opened by the President of the Ethiopian International Taekwon-Do Federation on November 24th 2012, in the same place and hall in junior and senior categories. In this tournament more than 35 clubs participated from Ethiopia and Kenya. The organizers and the Umpires were supported by GM Marano, Master Paul Weiler and Mr. Niclas. In this event the electronic scoring machine was used for the 1st time in the African continent by the ring councils.  The tournament concluded on Nov. 25th 2012 on time and without any challenge or complaint.  

The competitors shared their technical knowledge in this event and I hope they will compete one day in the World Championships.

Author: GMB
Date: 2012-11-27 09:51:00
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