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The 78th IIC took place in Tralee, Co. Kerry Ireland on the weekend of the 25th - 27th of January 2013 hosted by the Irish Taekwon-Do Association. The IIC was a great success with 130 black belts from 15 countries; Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, England, Norway, Scotland, Finland, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Luxembourg, France, Russia, and Belgium. There was over half of the course from 4th Dan and above including 10 Masters; eight 7th Dan and two 8th Dan. The course was conducted by the ITF technical committee; Grandmaster Marano, Grandmaster Bos and Grandmaster Lan. 



The course was run under a new format which meant extra hours of training and contact for all participants and the feedback from all participants on the course was very positive about the content. The Grandmasters arrived on Thursday and were greeted in the town council chambers by local government officials and the mayor. The Grandmasters were presented with a beautiful certificate to mark their visit.


The IIC commenced on Friday and the Grandmasters were lead into the hall by a piper, which added to the atmosphere and occasion of the event. Over the 3 days the the IIC was mainly divided into 2 groups; one group for 1st - 3rd Dan and the other for 4th dan above, in two separate rooms. This meant the Grandmasters could cover more material with all participants. The Grandmasters covered all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do including; patterns up to Tong-il in great detail, fundamental movements, free sparring, traditional sparring, step-sparring, self defence, flexibility and warm-up exercises. There was also time for the group for 4th Dan and above to have discussions on topics such as the structure of their schools, gradings and syllabus, and also how to teach different aspects of the Taekwon-Do syllabus. The Grandmasters were in excellent form; Grandmaster Bos was inspirational with the atmosphere he creates in his classes, excellent exercises for flexibility, warm-up exercises, exercises for preparation for specific classes for kicking, patterns and sparring, participants got many new and imaginative ideas for the teaching of their classes from his sessions. Grandmaster Lan showed wonderful ability especially in the areas of free sparring and self defence, with excellent progressions to develop technique and ability in these areas. Grandmaster Marano again showed why he is the chairman of the technical committee, his knowledge on the ITF patterns is superb, participants were amazed at his ability to explain all techniques and reference the encyclopaedia by page and photograph and his ability to fix errors and explain the applications and details of all movements. Participants were very happy with the sessions on the patterns as the grandmasters did not just explain the technical details of the patterns but the reasons for each movement, the applications and also how to correct common errors and problems in the patterns. In the rest periods between sessions the Grandmasters were happy to work one on one with participants and clarify and doubts about the patterns. The participants found all aspects of the course extremely enjoyable and all participants commented on the professional set-up of the IIC by the ITA, the warm welcome and hospitality and the attention to detail. On the Friday evening their was a banquet which was attended by almost all of the IIC participants and their was great entertainment by a local folk band during this event. The IIC for 1st - 3rd Dan finished on Saturday and the Sunday was only for 4th Dan and above, where the higher degree patterns were covered in detail. The IIC was officially closed on Sunday and the ITF Grandmasters were presented with a gift of writing pens made from 5,000 year old Irish bog oak and 24 ct. gold. During the IIC on Sunday their was also a grading for people going for 6th, 7th and 8th dan.  

The following were promoted during the grading: 

1.Mr. Niall Jones from Irish Taekwon-Do Association promoted to 6th Dan

2.Mr. Maxim Kim from Russia promoted to 6th Dan

3.Mr. Odd Arne Larsen from NTN Norway promoted to 7th Dan Master

4.Mr. Hallgeir Betele from NTN Norway promoted to 7th Dan Master

5.Mr. Snorre Edvarsen from NTN Norway promoted to 7th Dan Master

6.Mr. Lazaros Tsilfidis from Russia promoted to 7th Dan Master

7.Master Per Christian Garnaes from NTN Norway promoted to 8th Dan Master

8.Master Carmine Caiazzo from FITAE Italy promoted to 8th Dan Master

Photos of the IIC: 

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Gallery 6;  

The ITA Board of Directors would like to extend our thanks to the ITF Technical Committee for an excellent IIC, to the organising committee Mr. O'Mahoney VI Dan, Mr. Stephen Ryan V Dan, Ms. Laura Cullen IV Dan, to the local volunteers and helpers and to the participants from the 15 countries for your support. 


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