REPORT - International Umpire Course

It was held in the Congress Hall of the Gran Hotel Bali, Benidorm, Spain  the International Umpire Course with the participation of 142 referees from 26 countries, coordinated by Gmaster Bos ITF Director and aptly led by Masters Katz and Ottensen and with collaboration of the ITF Umpire Committee and ITF Tournament Committee members Masters Coos Van de Heuvel, Vones, Suarez and Cecconato.


The development of the course was a success, with many participants who expressed their comments by saying that it was the best Umpire course they attended. The course covered all the changes, parameters and method of scoring of the  different modalities of ITF competition in order to improve our events

Participants came from Poland, Russia, Ukaine, Finland, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal, Norway, Slovenia, Lebanon, Romania, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Belgium, Bulgaria, USA  and Spain .


 Master Ferrando Secretary General of the ITF informed about the situation of Suppliers Sponsors that have approved materials and the way of using the new brand in the events.

The members of the Umpire and Tournament Committees were received at City Hall by the Sport Council where was held a press conference in which Gmaster Bos explained details of the IUC.

The Umpire and Tournament Committee were in Benidorm present to meet and also in order to check the facilities of the Palace sports and hotels for the upcoming World Championships to be held on October 2013 in Benidorm, Spain.


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