Report of the seminars in Maputo, Mozambique (March 29th – 31st) and Addis Ababa Ethiopia (April 2nd and 3rd) 2013. 

Already in November 2012, at the 2nd  African Cup ITF TKD in Addis Ababa(Ethiopia), the first contact with Mr. Joel dos Santos from Mozambique had been made.

Mr. Joel dos Santos is the head coach of the Global TKD Federation in Maputoprovince (Matola). He was so impressed by the ITF organization that he has requested a seminar approved by the ITF Board of Directors and was held from March 29th to March 31st.

  Master Weiler presents a new (donation) dobok for Mustafa Ismael Tava

During three days with a total of 60 participants almost all aspects of ITF TKD were taught and the enthusiasm of the students was tremendous.
Furthermore, important guests attended the seminar: A director of the local police station watched exactly the training and two representatives of the Government from Maputo province. Highlight was the film footage and interviews with the National Television (NTV).
Mr. Joel dos Santos and Mr. Manuel de Sousa (he translated during the three days of training) are the key persons of the TKD Association and now they want to start a new ITF Association and apply for membership in the ITF.

  Black belts of Kobukson TKD present at the seminar in Matola province

On Monday April 1st  a meeting with the Provincial Director (Government of Maputo Province) Mr. Inocencio Joaquim Paulino took place and he promised to support the association. He gave valuable suggestions for possible transport shipments to Mozambique and furthermore announced a meeting with the Minister of Sport in September 2013.
Master Weiler handed over to him the "Quadrathlon TKD book" which convinced him in a short time of the seriousness of our ITF.

 Sambo Matsogi Steps Sparring techniques

 Master Weiler with representatives of the Matola province government


At the 9th ITF Seminar in Addis Ababa held on April 2-3, 2013 patterns from Chon-Ji to Moon Moo and self defense were practised and at the end of the seminar promotion tests were carried out during which unfortunately all candidates to IIIrd Degree failed. Only the candidates for IVth and Vth Degree passed the promotion test.

In addition formalities that are of importance for the Ethiopian Team delegation participation at the 2013 World Championships to be held in Spain were discussed.

The Information of the EITA Board of Directors that the Chang Ung group in Addis Ababa does not receive recognition from the Ethiopian government, did not cause sadness. The government officials are very well aware who is organized and does a good job and who does not.

For the first time in the history regarding the Afrikan Continent on April 4th, 2013 Mr. Wogayehu Behailu President of EITA - Ethiopian International TKD Association - flew to Nairobi, Kenya to to conduct a seminar.

report by: 

Master Paul Weiler





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