On May 10-12, 2013 the Uruguayan Traditional Taekwon-Do Association led by instructors Julio Lladó V Degree and Daniel Istueta IV Degree, hosted the 82nd International Instructor Course in Montevideo, Uruguay which took place in the Facilities of the Centro Protección de Chóferes.  Attended by 106 participants, including five Masters, 35 instructors and 66 black belt that came from different areas of Uruguay, as well as Argentina, Chile and Brazil.


On Friday afternoon the members of the ITF Technical Committee were introduced: Grand Masters Héctor Marano and Ung Kim Lan. After a rigorous warm up, the participants had a challenging afternoon absorbing a large amount of information that covered fundamental movements, patterns, steps sparring, free sparring, and well as other numerous aspects of Taekwon-Do.


On Saturday morning, the group met again for the 2nd IIC Day which covered in detail the many different elements of Taekwon-Do ITF, including an analysis of the technical implementation of the black belts patterns, and a thrilling session of self defense conducted by GM Ung Kim Lan.

At the evening night, most of the attendees joined the IIC Banquet, held in the Alto Palermo Restaurant and pub located in the Aguada area, the site offered a moment of relaxation and camaraderie in an elegant atmosphere with a high sense of friendship among all the participants of the event, Instructors Julio Lladó and Daniel Istueta paid a special tribute by presenting recognition plaques to the Grand Masters on behalf of the Organization as well as the Sports Commission of the Municipality of Montevideo, and by giving the thanks for the tremendous support and friendship they received in the planning and the organization of the IIC.

On Sunday morning, all participants from IV Degree and above met for the last morning of seminar where GM Pablo Trajtenberg spoke about having a better understanding of the student-instructor relationship and of the instructor responsibilities concerning the teaching. He also encourages the national authorities to create a scope of relationship in order to strengthen the Uruguayan Taekwon-Do.

The end of the seminar was closed by GM Trajtenberg and the making of the group pictures. 

The IIC comments were exceptional, as participants reported a week end full of valuable information, of invaluable friendship, and the joy of sharing the true spirit of Taekwon-Do ITF ! 

On behalf of the IIC organization


Julio Lladó V Degree                                                            

AS.U.T.T. President                                           


Daniel Istueta

General Secretary


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