Report of IIC JAPAN

On June 1-2, 2013 ITF Japan held the 83rd International Instructor Course in Tokyo. It was the first IIC in Japan after reformation of ITF. Attended by 80 participants, including 2 Masters, 20 instructors and 50 black belts that came from different areas of Japan, as well as Finland, Malaysia, Singapore and USA. This IIC consisted of many parts covering all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do.


On Saturday morning the members of the ITF Technical Committee were introduced : Grand Masters Héctor Marano , Wim Bos and Ung Kim Lan.

After warm up training, the participants were bound up in the course with a large amount of information that covered fundamental movements, patterns, steps sparring, free sparring, self defense technique and well as other numerous aspects of Taekwon-Do.

At the evening night, the attendees joined the IIC Banquet, held in the traditional Japanese restaurant  located near the venue. 

On Sunday , the participants learned the many different elements of Taekwon-Do , including an analysis of the technical application of patterns,  and practical sparring techniques. 4th Degree and above received an extra morning training with the GM Héctor Marano.


Also many thanks to Master Micael Daher 8th degree President Oceania Continent being present.

During the IIC 3 participants form ITF Japan were promoted to 4th degree: Mr. Genji Kishi, Hirotada Harada and Kazuaki Shibagami. 

The first IIC in Japan was closed by GM’s encouragement and the making of group pictures.

President / Nobuhiko Tadaoka
Chief Director / Seong-Deok Kim
Secretary General / Genji Kishi

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