Invited by GM Wim Bos and FITAE-ITF on June 10-14, 2013 Tomaz Barada from Slovenia well known in the ITF and in the WAKO Kickboxing world visted Italy in order to conduct his famous sparring seminars.



On Monday June 10th GM Bos and Tomaz Barada met in Mirano a lovely city near Venice in order to start the first seminar with a participation of over 150 students which included Masters, Instructors and coloured and black belt students.

It was a great happening and all the participants were so happy to train with Tomaz who showed his enormous experience and fysical skills.

The evening we shared a wonderful dinner offered by our regional committee.



The night we stayed in Mirano and the following day on Tuesday June 11th we travelled to Milano in order to conduct the second seminar with a participation of 70 students.

The evening another dinner was offered by Maestro Orlando Saccomanno 6th degree organizer of the event.

Cecina, Toscana


The night we stayed in Milano and traveled then to Cecina in the region Toscana and went directly to the beach in other to relax. Lunch was offerd by the local organziers Grazia Nenciati 6th degree and her husband Graziano Bucci 5th degree.

At the 3rd seminar  65 participants took part and of course another wonderful dinner was offered by the members present at dinner.



The night we stayed in Cecina and early in the morning we left for Rome for a quick lunch at GM Bos house and then off to Naples for the 4th seminar with a participation of 65 students.


The dinner was held at a martial arts gala were Tomaz Barada and GM Bos received some awards for their hard work.



The last and 5th seminar was held in Rome with a participation of 75 students including on the floor kicking and punching GM Bos and his Instructors like the National trainers Leandro Iagher, Fabio Iovane and International Umpire Stefano Minotti.

Tomaz left straight away after the seminar by car to Maribor facing 1100 kmin order to be back to conduct a seminar in Maribor.

Some details:

traveling : from Maribor to Venice, Milano, Cecina,Naples, Rome and back to Maribor 3000 km by car.

Training: 20 hours of teaching

Participants : appoxr. 400 including Masters, Instructors and coloured and black belts

Comments: Only positive and too many to mention. Just happiness  

Tomaz Barada: Being one week together with one of the most prominent competitors in the World I just can say that it was a wonderful experience and very emotional.

Tomaz Barada not only a superb instructor but also a wonderful and humble person!

Thanks to all our FITAE members that made the seminars with Tomaz Barada so exciting Maestra Adrianna Riccio, Maestri Leandro Iagher, Stefano Minotti, Orlando Saccomanno, Gianluca Amato, Master Cammarota and Grazia Nenciati and of course all those who assisted.







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