ITF England Umpire Course

ITF England held it’s second ever Umpires Course on Sunday 26th January 2014 at the Royal Masonic Girls School in Rickmansworth. The session was conducted by Mr. Matt Gibb and Mr. Ken Chesterman, overseen by Master Anderson. The purpose of the course was to give the 43 participants a chance to qualify for either their Class ‘B’ or Class ‘C’ Umpires Certificate.

The one-day course ran from 10am until 5pm and consisted of a mixture of a Powerpoint presentation, Q&A and practical work. Mr. Gibb went through the rules and regulations for all competition disciplines; sparring, patterns, special technique, breaking and team events. The make-up and role of each member of the judging panel for each event was discussed, as was the general procedure. Rules and how they could be interpreted and applied was discussed extensively, with input from various participants who had knowledge and experience of international competitions.

2 rings had been set up so that following the patterns and sparring theory, the group could attempt to put what they had learnt to put into practice. Participants took it in turns to take on the roles of judges and competitors, with the competitors performing patterns with pre-determined mistakes to test the groups scoring and observation skills. To put into practice the sparring theory, volunteers did short rounds of sparring with deliberate offences that would elicit fouls and warnings, letting participants put into practice what they had learnt about the roles of centre referee, corner judge and jury president.

The day was very successful, with all participants coming away with a thorough knowledge of all competition disciplines, new ITF rules and practical experience in all of the different umpiring roles. The delivery of the course was informative and fun and will hopefully result in more umpires from ITF England clubs at international competitions in the future.

ITF England members who qualified to B classMr Daniel Lammin, Mr John Emm, Mr Scott Pidgley, Mr Richard Hutcheson.ITF England members who qualified to C classMr Mark McLaren, Mr George Hadrys, Mr Callum Clark, Mr Hayden McCarthy, Mr James Padula, Mr Jason Ogden, Mr Umesh Vijapura, Mr Vishaal Vijapura, Ms Bhavini Vijapura, Mr Thomas Taylor, Mr Nick Edmunds, Mr Simon Doucly, Mr James Singers, Mr Richard Muscutt, Mr Kevin Richardson, Ms Laura Musins, Mr Chris Jones, Ms Natalie Moore, Mr Steven Small, Mr Lucus Small, Mr Carl Norman, Mr Nikolai Savinkin, Ms Julia Tagg, Ms Laura Fox Longdon, Mr Stuart Fox Longdon, Ms Alex Haymes, Ms Jade Wilson, Mr Luke Warner, Mr Craig King, Mr Larry Wienszczak, Mr Lewis Early, Ms Katinka Blauw, Ms Chorlene Biron-Monnier, Mr Alan Soutar, Mr Andre Kljajic, Mr Ian Kelly, Mr Colin Howley, Mr Daniel Davies, Mr Paul Adams, Mr Malik Ayman.

Laura Musins

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Date: 2014-02-26 13:39:00
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