Special Friendly Match - Russia Vs. Ukraine

On the 30th of March Novokuibishevsk city had a very special friendly match meeting between the teams of the Russian national team and the national team of Ukraine.

The initiator and organizer of this meeting was their representative on the Samara Region Governor Vyacheslav Suslin.

The meeting was planned a year ago, and we waited with great anticipation for its arrival. Due to the political situation in Ukraine, some people expressed their doubts about the status of the meeting or if it would ever happen. We had no such doubts, moreover, we were particularly pleased to see our Ukrainian brothers on our common ground and to demonstrate that we have always been and always will be together.

The whole point of sport to bring people together. So everyone should remember the history of sports when in antiquity for the Olympic Games stopped all wars, declared a truce to all athletes to move freely and to come to the territory of the competition. The very idea of ​​Olympism is the idea of ​​peace, goodness and light, where everyone can claim the title of the winner thanks to his perseverance, dedication and hard work, not social status, financial or geopolitical features.

Secondly, the philosophy Taekwon-Do, as we were taught by the founder General Choi Hong Hi is to unite people regardless of nationality, race, religion, or social status.

And third, the most important thing. We fraternal peoples with a common past, common history, we always remain united and no political interests can undermine our centuries-old friendship. 

All costs of transport, accommodation, meals and reward athletes we undertaken by the  organisers with thanks to the sponsorship  of chain stores SOYUZNY.

We thank all participants and spectators of this momentous event. The fights were colorful, rich and interesting. Considering the overall situation will not be on our website to disclose the results, us all of our guys are winners.

Adapted from the All Russian Taekwon-Do Federation Website: http://www.tkdrus.ru/ 

Author: S Ryan
Date: 2014-05-07 15:32:00
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