Seminar & Exhibition in Paraguay: Haidong Gumdo

On Saturday May 3rd2014, the official presentation of HAIDONG GUMDO, for the first time in Paraguay, was performed.

The venue was the International Taekwon -Do Academy (AIT) of GM Dacak. He attended with several: instructors, black belts and colour belts.

Master Jeong Woo Kim, 7th dan, chief instructor of the WORLD HAIDONG GUMDO FEDERATION, visited us from Seoul, to let us know this beautiful martial art.

The seminar was held under the authority of the President of the Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF Style of the Republic of Paraguay (FETREP), GM Javier Dacak, accompanied by Master Abelardo Benzaquén (Argentina), who accompanied and guided our invited.

They also made their show to the audience throughout the day Sunday, May 4thduring the “National Tournament Opening FETREP 2014”, at the Sports Stadium of the National Sports Secretary.

We are grateful to Master Jeong Woo Kim, who gave us the honor of meeting the Martial Art "HAIDONG GUMDO" which is closely related to our "Martial Art Taekwon-Do ITF" as to the origin.

GM Dacak opened the doors to this new martial art in Paraguay, with an excellent view to institutional relationship with the Federation headquartered in Seoul, South Korea; with a view to the dissemination and promotion of our “Taekwon -Do ITF” in that country.


9° DAN (PA-9-1)



Author: S Ryan
Date: 2014-05-19 12:19:00
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