After the very successful 2013 Barada Fight Tour, this year FITAE (Italian TKD Federation) organized the Solovey Fight Tour with Sabum Oleg Solovey and his wife super champion Katya Solovey. The tour touched four important locations for our Federation: Venice, Rome, Piombino (Tuscany)  and Milan.

In the different tour stops more than 200 participants had the chance to experience some in-depth knowledge and working methods given by the Soloveys that show constant evolution and successful skills in  Taekwon-Do.  FITAE-ITF is satisfied with the organizational effort and the response to this event designed to give athletes an enrichment of their personal skills. This experience was also an opportunity for instructors to evaluate and expand the repertoire of exercises inspired by the work of top Taekwon-Do people whose results need no further description.

In each stage we worked on various aspects of the fight and the athletic training especially related to explosiveness and speed, and big emphasis was given to the timing and the choice of appropriate technique. Great importance was also given to mental aspect of how to approach the competition. Last, but not least crucial for an excellent performance, the relationship of trust between coach and athlete.

Sabum Oleg Solovey shows a very valuable experience while presenting with great humility and simplicity to motivate and give an incredible boost charge, whilst Katya, outstanding athlete, shows the exercises with a gracefulness almost unnatural with no evidence of effort, a clear sign of the level that you can master when there is an iron will and perseverance in training.

It has been a real pleasure and valuable experience for all FITAE competitors and Instructors to train with the legendary Solovey couple, an event that nobody will forget.

Author: S Ryan
Date: 2014-06-09 19:40:00
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