5th ITF World Cup - Info on Weigh-In, Schedule, Draws

The 5th ITF Taekwon-Do World Cup - to be held on August 26th-30th2014 in Montego Bay, Jamaica is ready to start.


The WEIGH-IN for competitors of the World Cup 2014, will start at 8.00 a m. on Tuesday, 26th August 2014 in Montego Bay Convention Centre” - Rose Hall, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica WI according to the country schedule attached.

Country Weigh-In Schedule

 IMPORTANT information about the weigh-in procedure!!!

1. Every competitor (regardless of the categories she/he is competing in) must be present with a World Cup Official ID Card and a Black Belt Certificate (black belts holders only) at the weigh-in procedure wearing dobok trousers and a T-shirt. Every competitor (especially color belts) should also have his/her own personal identification card (national identity card or passport).
2. For the sparring categories a 500 gram weight allowance (not a tolerance) shall be applied. Competitors, who will not succeed at the first weigh-in attempt, must come to the weigh-in for the second attempt within one hour. If the competitor doesn’t make the weight then he/she shall be removed from the sparring category and shall not be allowed to enter any other weight category.
3. Please make sure that your team arrives at the weigh-in at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time attached.
4. If any competitor will not be present at the weigh-in, the computer system will notify that and will treat such a competitor as an absent person at the World Cup.


The World Cup 2014 will be held at the “Montego Bay Convention Centre” - Rose Hall, Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica WI. The competition will start on Wednesday 27th, August 2014 at 9.00 AM.

The schedule of the tournament divided into four competition days is available here.

Please note, that some sparring categories with 1 competitor were combined and the competitors were moved to the higher category as written in the rules.


All the draws will be published on Saturday 23rd August 2014 on the official online registration website of the World Cup 2014 and can be checked in the section ‘reports’ under the following link: http://wcup2014.pztkd.lublin.pl/index.php

All documents will be also available on the official online registration website under the link: http://wcup2014.pztkd.lublin.pl/index.php

To find them visit the link above and click on OTHER REPORTS and next on PDF REPORTS


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