Master Donato Nardizzi from England has been selected to carry the flame in the Olympic torch relay

Carrying the Olympic Flame for the ITF 


Master Donato Nardizzi from England has been selected to carry the flame in the Olympic torch relay. He was nominated for the work he has done in developing the Taekwon-Do Kids Program and for teaching the Taekwon-Do, in particular the moral values, to children in the local community.                                                                               

He will be carrying the torch  on 23rd July in the Merton area in London. He hopes to have the streets lined up with many children wearing doboks to raise public attention about the Kids Program and the ITF.

Being selected as an Olympic Torchbearer has given Master Nardizzi a good opportunity to visit many schools in London to speak about his role as a Torchbearer. During the visits, Master Nardizzi raised awareness about Taekwon-Do and the benefits it has for young children. The schools were always pleased to hear the valuable moral education that Master Nardizzi imparted on the children.

Master Nardizzi also took part in the Martial Arts Show which took place in the NEC Birmingham on 12th - 13th May. His stall promoted the activities of the ITF, including the forthcoming World Cup 2012 and The ITF Kid’s Program.

Master Nardizzi performed a demonstration on both days. On the second day, after doing an autograph signing session, he performed on the main stage. He performed a 10 minute routine including shadow sparring, board breaking, pattern Moon-Moo, model sparring and defence against a knife attack. After the performance he had an interview in which he was able to mention all the Taekwon-Do projects he is involved with. He spoke about his role as ITF England president and how he got nominated to carry the Olympic Torch and then followed up speaking about the ITF Kid’s Program. 

This year the ITF Taekwon-Do Kids Program kicks off with two courses taking place in the next two months. One in London, England on 9th & 10th June and one in Benidorm, Spain on 27th to 29th July. Master Nardizzi is confident that the Kids Program will be a success. He said “Many instructors struggle with teaching young children and even those that are good at entertaining a young class find it difficult to retain them when they move on to more structured activities as they progress beyond yellow belt. When instructors realise how easy it is to have an ideal environment in your kids class using the Taekwon-Do Kids Program, they will be sold on it. The beauty of the Taekwon-Do Kids Program is that it transforms children as young as 3 years into ideal students by the time they are 7 years regardless of their ability level. The program focuses on developing all the aspects of becoming an ideal student, including having the ability to listen and concentrate, having good knowledge of fundamental Taekwon-Do skills, being confident and believing in themselves, having good interpersonal skills, having good discipline and self-control, having a correct mind-set that allows proper moral development and, very importantly, having a love for the art of Taekwon-Do”.

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