ITF Africa-Tour November/December 2014 

Mozambique (November 20th to 23rd):

The fourth seminar in Mozambique since March 2013 helped to consolidate the techniques and the patterns of the black belts until Juche Tul, Sambo-, Ibo- and Ilbo matsogi and also the administrative work of the province associations.

At this moment in time ITF Mozambique has nine clubs with nearly 150 members and 13 black belts. The Associations are working to be recognized at the local governments and to send one or two people to the World Champs in Italy. 

One 3rd degree black belt from Madagascar (Tafita Rakotoarisoa) participated at the Mozambique seminar. His country is very much interested to become our member and applied today for a seminar at the beginning of April 2015.

Currently this group consists of 6 clubs with about 400 members including 30 black belts.

Zimbabwe (November 23rd to 29th )

The first seminar in the history of ITF Zimbabwe started on Monday, November 24thwith the attendance of 6 black belts and 15 colour belts (Zimbabwe is a Club Member since June of this year). In the following days we went through all TKD aspects including correct warming up exercises, history and philosophy of TKD. In the evenings we had many meetings to give advice for a good structure of ITF in Zimbabwe.

On the last day 6 students were promoted to the 1stdegree black belt from 3 clubs in Zimbabwe.

Kenya (November 29th to December 4th)

Mr. William Wamweya, the new President of ITF Kenya, started this year with a new team very successfully. We went to the Registration Office and the Sports Council of Kenya and the new ITF Kenya is close to be recognized by the government as a non profit organization.

Furthermore William Wamweya has now the opportunity to open a new TKD group at the WIDA HIGHWAY MOTEL with good facilities and a very well known management to support ITF TKD. ITF Kenya has approximately 100 students.

Uganda (December 4th to 8th)

Representatives from ITF Uganda and from the police welcomed me at the airport in Entebbe and escorted me to the Capital KAMPALA with police siren and blue light J.

The next day we had a meeting with the SG of the Ugandan Sports Council, Mr. Jesper Aligawesa, and had been talking about future activities and structure of the new ITF Federation in Uganda.

ITF Uganda is recognized already after two years of good work from Niklas Enander from Sweden as TKD organization under the umbrella of TKD Federation Uganda. Many clubs now knocking on the ITF door to become a member of the new federation.

On the second and fourth day we gave interviews at two big TV stations and it was broadcasted countrywide with good success.

For the first time in my life I was in prison J …. not because of a crime….. but to conduct a seminar and it was with great pleasure and success.


All visited countries are working for the recognition with the government. Some are already recognized and others close to it. Furthermore they are doing their best to send representatives and/or competitors to the World Champs in Italy next year.

New countries did show their interest to become a future member of ITF e.g. Madagascar and Botswana and plans are already prepared to go to Angola and Ghana.

2015 will be a big challenge and opportunity for the ITF in Africa.

Master Paul Weiler

ITF Senior Vice-President

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The ITF Board of Directors would like to wish you all a very happy happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

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On December 12-14, 2014 the Tournament and Umpire Chairmen and Committee members met with ITF Director GM Wim Bos at the ITFHQ in Benidorm, Spain in order to prepare the WC 2015 to be held in Jesolo, Spain next May 2015.
Also the ideas and proposals sent by members concerning the ITF Tournament and Umpire Rules and Regulations have been discussed.
On behalf of the Committee members we I like to thank ITF Secretary General Master Juan Ferrando for the warm hospitality received during our meetings.

Los Comites de Competicion y Arbitraje se reunen en Benidorm, España

En Diciembre del 12 - 14 de Diciembre 2015 , los Directores de Competición y Arbitraje se reunen con sus respectivos Comites con el Director de ITF en la Sede de ITF en Benidorm - España, con el fin de preparar el Campeonato del Mundo que se celebrará en Italia en Mayo Proximo.
Tambien las ideas y propuestas enviadas por los afiliados en referencia a nuestras competiciones, reglas y normativas han sido analizadas y discutidas.
En nombre propio y de los miembros del Comite queremos agradecer al Secretario General de ITF, por la hospitalidad recibida en nuestras reuniones.

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In the last video message of the ITF President, Grandmaster Trajtenberg, we heard mention of some exciting new projects for the ITF to be launch in 2015. One of those new projects is the formation of a new committee for the ITF, the International Competition Committee, to be chaired by Grandmaster Bos. Mr. Stephen Ryan, chairman of the ITF communications committee, takes the opportunity to interview Grandmaster Bos about this exciting new step for the ITF. 

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In this latest video message from ITF President, Grandmaster Trajtenberg, he gives an overview of the success of the ITF in 2014, with continued growth of our organisation, successful world events like the World Cup in Jamaica and a look forward to 2015 with the annoncement of some exciting new projects and of course the next World Championships to take place in Jesolo, Italy in May 2015. 

Link to the message here: 

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It is with a great plesure to inform you that the online registration of the 19th Senior and 13th Junior ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships, to be held on 27th - 31st May, 2015 in Jesolo, Italy is already active under the link:
You can follow the process of registration of countries and competitors under the link:
Kind regards,
Ms. Malgorzata Rogaczewska
Online Registration Team
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On November 14, 15 and 16 in Treviso, Italy, was the place of a very speciale event: the 98th IIC for the first time in history of ITF dedicated to the elite of our instructors only from 4th degree and higher.

The event has been organized by GM Wim Bos and Master Giovanni Cecconato in cooperation with FITAE-ITF (Italian Taekwon-Do Federation).

Great success with the participation of 35 Masters and 129 Instructors, for a total of 164 persons, coming from 22 different countries: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, France, England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Lebanon, Slovenia, Greece, Russia, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Ireland and Italy of course.

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On November 7, 8 and 9 was held in Tegucigalpa, Honduras the 97thIIC.

The IIC was conducted by the Grand Masters Hector Marano and Ung Kim Lan, while on the addressing of the Kids Development Program was Sabun Nim Fabian Izquierdo.

The event was attended by 104 participants from Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

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Master Weiler, ITF Senior Vice-President, would like to update you on the donations for Kemal Kasim and thank you for your wonderful support so far. With your efforts we are getting very close to reaching our goal and helping Kemal get a fresh start in life. 

To see the list of donations so far, please download this file. This is the money collected as of the 28th of October 2014. 

More about Kemal Kasim's Story below. 

Human life does not always run smoothly and is often affected by turbulent phases, major challenges or even tragic moments. A young TKD athlete from Ethiopia, Kemal Kasim, has sustained a blow of fate already with 6 years when he (after the civil war in Ethiopia) lost his right leg above the knee playing on a tank. But he did not crush - he even has gained strength. In 1996 he started with TKD, became a coach and an example for many of us (see also the video of his breaking demonstration on our ITF website). Today he is 24 years old and on 31.07.2014 he has passed his examination to 3rd degree. I had the honor to promote him to his 3rd degree and can say that he has passed the promotion with flying colours.

Download the clip (mp3, 3.4 MB)

His life-story and his development are my motivation to start a foundation to allow him a prosthetic leg. Because of his financial situation he cannot afford this and also the technical and medical options are not given in his home country. For this reason I want to invite him to Germany (he can live in my house) for about three or four weeks, where all the requirements are fulfiled. The cost of an artificial leg with necessary precaution and aftercare will be approximately € 10,000.00 (including the flight to Germany). Who is willing to support this project has the opportunity to donate money. The donations should be addressed under the keyword "Kemal Kasim" to the ITF which manages the money.

Bank of the ITF in Spain:

Bank Name: Deutsche Bank 
IBAN ES70 0019 0585 36 4010027855 

I am thanking you in advance for the humanitarian gesture to support our TKD-brother and allow him a new life. I will continuously inform about the progress of donations and also about the current status of things.

Yours sincerely
Master Paul Weiler
ITF Senior Vice-President

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