On the 23rd November 2014 took place a competition of exhibits from different schools that make up the Guatemalan Association of Taekwondo ITF. This activity was a platform for coaches and students to demonstrate their skills and abilities as well as the perfection of technique and involved about 120 children belonging to different schools across the country, with more than 300 people in the public.

The event was opened by the General Secretary of the Guatemalan Association of Taekwondo Sabum Thelma Ayala who was commissioned to inform attendees of the projects that have such entity 2015, narrating that this art also improves the quality of life of  Guatemalan citizens, encouraging attendees to practice this sport.

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The Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Federation held an Umpire "B" Seminar from 11-12 December 2014 at Kabul City with 30 participants. The organizer of the seminar was the Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do Federation and the GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SPORT OF AFGHANISTAN. The aim of this seminar was to show and teach the new umpiring techniques of ITF Taekwon-Do to our members. At the end of this seminar the Afghanistan ITF Taekwon-Do federation granted the "B" degree certificates. It was a great experience for Afghanistan ITF Members. Participants came from Kabul City clubs.

Best regards
Shoaib Rahmani
President ITF Afghanistan
Vice President - Asia

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During the weekend of the 29th and 30th of November 2014, 75 participants from 6 different countries came to Paris take part in a fantastic seminar given by Mr Jaroslaw Suska, 6 times world champion and 20 times European champion in patterns.


The event was organised by Mr Lylian Doulay, National Technical Director and President of ITF France on behalf of ITF Paris in cooperation with Mightyfist ( / and Black Belt Project (  The venue for the seminar was the French National Institue for Sport and Physical Education (


The seminar started off with an intensive warm up session leaving no chance for any cold or unprepared muscles for the kicking drills that were to follow.  Mr Suska provided demostrations before each exercise, amazing everyone with his speed, strength, control and accuracy in every technique.  Numerous kicking drills and exercises were demonstrated by Mr Suska then performed by the students until the first break for lunch.


The Saturday afternoon session began with a quick warm up then on to an in depth coverage of fundamental movements and the first five patterns.  Mr Suska provided many different exercises and training ideas for instructors to be able to use in their classes.  At the end of the first day, Mr Doulay invited each of the participants that travelled from outside France to the front of the class to be presented with a small gift as a token of appreciation for travelling to Paris to take part.  Participants came from Belgium, Luxembourg, Brazil, Romania, Poland and France.


On Saturday evening, Mr Suska and several other guests were invited by Mr Doulay to a dinner boat cruise on the river Seine taking in the sights of Paris including the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and many other important Parisian landmarks.  The dinner and cruise was thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by all the guests.


The last training session on Sunday morning started with various different warm up exercises then on to more leg strengthening exercises before continuing on with the patterns.  Each pattern was treated individually with the specific problem areas covered in detail with opportunities for everyone to ask questions.


Although the seminar was conducted proficiently in English by Mr Suska himself, Mr Lukasz Grygiel and Miss Monika Kepa were on hand for assistance with translation from Polish into English and French when required. 


At the conclusion of the seminar, Mr Doulay took the opportunity to award certificates for the latest black belt promotions, who were all congratulated individually by Mr Suska.  Mr Grygiel then gave a presentation on the Black Belt Project and the participants also had the opportunity to browse and purchase Mightyfist doboks and sparring gear at the Mightyfist stand.


The first Mr Suska seminar in Paris was a great success and was enjoyed by everyone that took part.  ITF France would like to thank Mr Suska for coming to Paris to train, inspire and share his love of Taekwon-Do.  Thank you also to Mr Doulay and ITF Paris for working tirelessly to provide a well organised seminar and for bringing Mr Suska to Paris for everyone to profit from his experience.


Report written by Jonathan Morris, Vice-President ITF France

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The National Sport Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF Kazakhstan (NSTF) present their annual report of activities for 2014. Some of the highlights of the year ibclude continued growth of the organisation with new members joining from other federations, the Grand Prix Almaty Championships, the Open Kazakhstan Championship, attending the Polish Summer Camp, the Kazakhstan Summer Camp, the Open Asian Championships and attendance at the World Cup in Jamaica. 

Together we are strong! Spread your wings! 

Download the report here

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Last Saturday 6 December 2014, took place in the Palau d´sports L´illa of Benidorm, Benidorm (Alicante) the Spain Cup 2014.

On Friday took place the arrivals of the different delegations from throughout the country, we received them in the Salon Puig Campana of the Station Hotel, where we made first the weigh in and afterwards the meetings of Coaches and referees which had to officiate in the event the next day. And in this year were a total of 230 participants among all delegations.

Saturday at 9:00 began the event where you could see four areas of competition, three tatami mats, one of them high and another area where they were machines of special technique and the machines for breaking. All competition areas used electronic controls and displays where you could follow each match scores.

During this event were different modalities of Taekwon-do ITF competition:

 - individual forms

-  forms team

 - individual sparring

- sparring  team

- match pre-set

–special techniques

- techniques of power

We give thanks to the instructor José Luis Diego and Paco Ferrando and all those who are part of the school Tae Benidorm for their work and great kindness, which together with the City Council of Benidorm and the committees of the FEST got that this Cup was a complete success without precedents, in a very friendly atmosphere.

Also thank all participating delegations of the Spanish Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF, as well as their competition, umpire  and organizing committees for the good and hard work for the preparation of this important event. Sabum Jose Luis Diego, Sabum John Mckissock and Master Alberto Gonzalez as responsible for these committees.

We also want to thank to teachers that attended this event and always so pleased to count with your presence, Master José Ramón Viudes, Master Juan Ferrando, MasterAlberto González, Master Miguel Martínez and the instructors Vicente Ibañez and Alejandro Banega for their great help.

At 13 hours in the presence of the Councillors in the City Council of Benidorm held a very special and emotional event for this Federation, with the delivered of Senior Master 8th dan grades to the  Master Juan Ferrando and José Ramón Viudes who promoted during the last international course of Italy the last month. For the Federation, these are the firsts  VIII Dan and it is a very important step which demonstrates the growth and consolidation of the Federation.

Also want to thank our sponsors for their great collaboration and help Spain cup 2014, FUJIMAE and TOPTEN .

Secretario FEST


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