The ITF are very happy to announce two new resources for our members.

Firstly the new Official Umpire Attire for International Umpires. This new suit will be available to all International Umpires who represent their country at the ITF World Championships. All those who umpired at the last World Championships in Spain will receive their new suit at the upcoming European Championships in Italy or directly through their NA/AA.

Secondly the English version of the IIC book is ready to be launched, this book authored by Grandmasters Trajtenberg, Marano and Bos is going to be an excellent resource for our members. The book was launched last year in Spanish and has been very popular in Spanish speaking nations. The highly anticipated English version will be available from April 1st by emailing You can email now to pre-order your book. Copies will also be available at the upcoming European Championships.

These exciting new resources add to the professionalism and service the ITF strives to offer its members. 

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 27/Feb/2014, 11:39
End date27/Feb/2014, 11:39
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Dear ITF community:

We know that children today have become one of the most important sources of our teaching and that; moreover, those who are training in the future will certainly send their own children to practice Taekwon-Do ITF.

That is why we strive for excellence in the teaching of children.

I have the honour to present the latest work done by the Committee for Child Development, which is the new web site and which is in the first stages of it’s development. It can be accessed through the official website of the ITF or directly at

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 14/Feb/2014, 11:00
End date14/Feb/2014, 11:00
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Dear members, from now on the ITF HQ office will issue a new certificate for Instructor Plaque Certificate annual renewals. This will replace the sticker system that was in place up to now.

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 05/Feb/2014, 21:58
End date05/Feb/2014, 21:58
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We are excited to announce the launch of the Official Website for the ITF Kids Development Programme. This colourful and interactive website will be a fantastic tool for teaching and learning as it is not just for Instructors but has dedicated sections for Kids, Parent and for Instructors. To visit the Kids Program website please follow this link: more content will be added very soon. 

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 29/Ene/2014, 09:17
End date29/Ene/2014, 09:17
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As you may be aware the ITF Board of Directors recently established a new Marketing & Development committee for the ITF. This committee has been very active since our appointment in setting up new modes of communicating with our members, for example a number of social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Picasa and YouTube. We are happy to say that these pages and channels have started to receive a strong following, especially the Facebook page which now has almost 5,500 members. However we need your support to help them to become even stronger and to establish a connection with all our members worldwide. Please share these connections with your members.

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 27/Ene/2014, 11:17
End date27/Ene/2014, 11:17
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In the President Message for Christmas 2013, Grandmaster Trajtenberg takes the opprtunity to reflect on a very successful 2013 for ITF, look forward to some very exciting projects for 2014 and the continued growth and development of our organisation and wish all of the ITF community and their families a very happy and peaceful Christmas. 

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 27/Dic/2013, 18:14
End date27/Dic/2013, 18:14
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The ITF Board of Directors would like to wish all our members and their families a very happy Christmas period and a prosperous New Year ahead. 

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Author: SR
Date: 16/Dic/2013, 21:41
End date16/Dic/2013, 21:41
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Dear Members and Visitors,

I would like to formally inform you that at World Championships 2013 – ITF Anti-Doping Unit subjected 10 athletes to doping control. The tests were by random selection and included 4 gold medallists, 8 males 2 females were tested.

Athletes tested from :

Italy – Poland – Argentina – Russia - USA – France – Ukraine

The confirmed result are as follows:

All athletes tested had – No Prohibited Substances detected.

There are no disciplinary or legal issues for ITF Ethics and Discipline committee to consider at this time.

I would like to thank you formally for your support. Special sincere thanks to  Grand Master Bos, without who’s support this significant step forward in ITF’s International standing would not have been possible.

ITF Doping control Unit was formally commended by PWC (our appointed testing organisation from Germany) for the empathic and professional way the tests were conducted.

The process was in full compliance with international  WADA standards. The attitude and interactions with the athletes selected for testing, coaches, tournament organises and ITF officials were especially mentioned and are a credit to all of us affiliated with ITF.

Kind regards,

Yours in Taekwon-Do,


Dr. Richard Aboud

ITF Medical Director & Chairman of Anti-Doping

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Author: gmb
Date: 16/Dic/2013, 08:27
End date16/Dic/2013, 08:27
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An ITF delegation led by its President GM Pablo Trajtenberg accompanied by Master Ruben Marchini 8th Degree and 6th Degree Fernando Castro visited the island of Cuba from November 19th to 23rd.

During that time they visited the city of Camaguei where they attended to different gyms in order to observe how the activity is developed in the country. They were received with an exhibition by practitioners from different provinces who showed an excellent level.

This request to the ITF came from Instructor Eugenio Villafranca, who is an old practitioner of the ITF style in Cuba (he was separated from Instructor Reina who was aligned with GM Choi) for that reason he organized during 3 days a 12 hours seminar conducted by the ITF delegation, which was attended by approximately 30 Black Belts.

On the technical level we can say that although it needs some adjustment it is in the hands of passionate practitioners with a very good physical condition and that they gradually will have an excellent development, also they organized a banquet with traditional gifts as part of an excellent protocol. During the visit we had the opportunity to publicise the ITF including one interview for television.

We can say that a new country has been added to the ITF that even with a lack of financial resources that other countries have, it has a human potential and of quality worthy of notice.

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Author: S Ryan
Date: 29/Nov/2013, 23:18
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