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Dear (grand)master, (assistant)instructors and competitors,

We would hereby like to invite you to the 5th “Holland Cup” on May 31st
and June 1st 2014 in Pijnacker, the Netherlands.  This year, as it is the
5th anniversary of the “Holland Cup”, the organisation will add a special
category to the tournament.  Announcement and registration for this
special category will be done on the competition day itself.

For a impression of the "Holland Cup" you can click the following link:
Attached you will find the official invitation and registration form. The
tournament rules can then be found on If you have an older version of
Excel, there is another registration form available on the website.

After registration we will send you an e-mail asking about your travel
details, transportation requirements and attendance to the banquet on
Saturday evening. This is to help make your stay in the Netherlands as
pleasant as possible.

We hope to meet you and your team in the weekend of May 31st and June 1st
2014 at the 5th anniversary of the “Holland Cup”.  If you have any
questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The organization committee,

Tim Kool IV

Rory de Vries IV

Corine Kool III

Individual Event Entry

Team Event Registration


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Date:  May 30-31, June 1st, 2014 
Place:   New Dehli, India
Organizer:  ITF India

Mr. Rakesh Verma -


IIC India Invite

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Date:  May 23-25, 2014. 
Place:   Dublin, Ireland
Organizer:  INTA

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Date:  May 17th 2014
Place:  PHILA, PA, USA
Organizer:  Red Tiger TKD, ITF USA



 Official Info

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Date: May 10th & 11th 2014
Place:  Benidorm, Spain

ITF Spain

The Course will be conducted by Mr. Fabian Izquierdo (Member if the Children's Development Committee)



Application Form

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Dear Masters, Instructors and TKD students:

I am proud to announce that the National Taekwon-Do Association - ITF, will be holding a two day Business and Technical Seminar, on Saturday, May 3rd and Sunday, May 4th, at Advantage Taekwon-Do, located at 732 Creekside Lane, Lititz, PA 17543.

The seminar will be divided into three sections. The first section will be led by Mr. Orlando Millan, BB 4thdegree, from Gainesville, FL. This section of the seminar will be focused on developing and improving business skills as an instructor, and ultimately ways to increase income for you, the instructor, and for your school. Mr. Millan owns a very profitable school in FL, and will be sharing from his successes and experiences. The second part of this seminar will be conducted by Mr. Edward Davila, BB 4thdegree, treasurer of the NTA-ITF. Mr. Davila will be sharing from his professional experience, discussing Business Compliance, and also how social media can be a tool for success for the future of your school and business. The final part of this seminar will be held on Sunday, and directed by Master Ruben Suarez. Master Suarez will be conducting a technical seminar to continue the standardization of the ITF technique with the participants. 

Invite and Schedule


Master Ruben Suarez VIII

NTA-ITF President 

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Date: April 24-27, 2014
Place:   Riccione / Rimini, Italy
Organizer:  FITAE-ITF

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April 18thto 20th      IIC with GM’s Marano and Ung

April 21stto 22rd       Kid’s Course with Master Nardizzi

April 23rd                   Umpire Course with Master Weiler

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