Dear competitors, coaches, umpires and supporters!


We would like to proudly announce that up to this day more than 440 competitors has registered to the European Cup, and there has been more than 800 accommodation bookings done with our official travel partner.


Here is a short reminder for the VI. ITF Taekwon-do European Cup 2014, Budapest, Hungary, as well as the Mightyfist Children & Cadet Cup. You can still register to our competitions if you have not done it yet, but please keep in mind that there are important deadlines that you have to meet in order to be able to participate. Please see the details below!


VI. Taekwon-do European Cup


Important dates:

  • 15th August, 201425th September – Deadline for application for umpires
  • 25th August, 2014 – Deadline for all reservations of accommodation (see below)
  • 25th September, 2014 – Deadline for payment the entry fee by bank transfer to AETF
  • account (does not concern if payment is made by cash upon arrival)
  • 25th September, 2014 – Last date to make some small changes in accommodation
  • 3rd October, 2014 – Deadline for the online registration
  • 6th October, 2014 – Publication of draws online


Umpire registration


The original deadline for umpire applications has passed, but some of the registered participants have not registered any umpires yet. We would like to remind you that in case of bringing more than 5 competitors you need to bring some umpires for the competition (see the official invitation for details). Any School/Club/Country that do NOT accredit an Umpire shall pay a 200,00 € fine for every missing Umpire.


For detailed umpire info see


Reservation of accommodation


However the deadline for the official accommodation have already passed, you may still contact our travel agency for help, but we cannot guarantee the price mentioned on the official website. Please note that this option is only available until 25th September.

Please also note that every participant shall pay 50 € to get the ID card if the accommodation is not done by our official partner.


Mightyfist Children & Cadet Cup



Important dates:

  • 25th August, 2014 – Deadline for all reservations of accommodation
  • 25th August, 2014 – Deadline for payment the entry fee by bank transfer (does not concern if payment is made by cash upon arrival)
  • 25th September, 2014 – Last date to make some small changes in accommodation
  • 3rd October, 2014 – Deadline for the registration (Excel file to be sent to


Please note that at the Mightyfist Children and Cadet Cup there is no fee for the ID card, so you are free to book your own accommodation, however our travel partner can help to find you the best option for your stay.

This competition has a bit more open rules than the European Cup, please see the official invitation and our FAQ page. Please note that the invitation has been updated, bank transfer information is added for the entry fee.


Important links


Official invitation for the European Cup:

Official invitation for the Mightyfist Children & Cadet Cup:

Official website of the events:

Facebook page of the event:

Facebook event:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):


See you in October!


The Organizing Committee

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To stand up for oneself and to be strong, that’s what we all want. Especially for women this seems to be a difficult matter. From now on this will change. And that’s because of the Women Empowerment Programme developed by Sabum Jantien Lindeboom from I.T.F. Netherlands. 
Last weekend was the first instructors course. A true revolution, as this is the first women power programme within the world of Taekwon-Do.

The purpose of this course is clear: participants are encouraged to set up their own classes in their own region. This way more women will be empowered wich of course is not only a good thing for themselves but also for society in general. At the same time this will promote I.T.F. Taekwon-Do and therefore it will encourage more women to practise I.T.F. Taekwon-Do. 
This programme is absolutely unique in it’s own kind because of the content. Each class has it’s own theme, every lesson a different tenet is treated. The goal is to empower women by teaching them how to use the tenets in different situations, active workout and conversations about many subjects like sexual harassment. 
Seven instructors from I.T.F. Netherlands participated in this first course. They were all very much inspired at the end of the weekend. Also they were very impressed by the content of the manual and the module. This combined with the professionalism and passion of Sabum Jantien made this weekend a real success.
We hope to reach more instructors next time. That way all the women in the Netherlands can be empowered through Taekwon-Do.

Graziella Idili 4th degree I.T.F. Netherlands

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On Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 September took place in the town of La Nucia (Spain) an impressive Sparring seminar with Master Willy van de Mortel. 
It was a success both in participation and in learning and good atmosphere that was experienced during the seminar where the teacher with his teaching methods made ​​it very enjoyable. With his charisma and accessibility to which we are accustomed it was easy to learn the techniques. 
We saw once again the experienced Master, techniques and ways of teaching various forms of sparring, and no need to remember his trajectory in coaching competition in several countries, and is currently coach of Norway and coach of Tomaz Barada. 
At the end of Sunday, the  organizer  Mr. Vicente Ibáñez  gave to Master Willy Van de Mortel a plaque in recognition for his work and friendship of over 25 years, when he taught in Spain.  
We would like to acknowledge the participation of José Ramón Viudes Master, Master Juan Ferrando, Maestro Alberto Gonzalez, International Instructors: José Luis Diego, Alejandro Banega, Andreu Martinez, Paco Ferrando, Carracedo Pastor, Juan Carlos Rocca, Sergio Matias Picallo and Bitca.
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The FITAE-ITF Veneto Committee took part in the 4th successful edition of Sappada Summer Campus in the North of Italy.

Several FITAE members joined  sure that  they were going to spend a joyful and relaxing week thanks to the activities that make this project special. As usual, a consolidated representation of Tuscany lead by Mrs. Grazia Nenciati and Mr. Graziano Bucci took part in the event.

This project was born in 2011 thanks to Mr. Canteri, Carli and later Mandosio that always believed in its importance. Everyday all the participants could enjoy the mix of trainings and fun activities: morning awakening, kayak, self-defence, excursions and the recreational group works for young and adults in the evening.

Though weather conditions were unfavourable, during the week the enthusiasm in the group, well guided by Mr Carli and Mr. Mandosio, who are the real motor of the event, has gradually grown; half a day in an adventure park for everybody’s joy, a walk along the Auronzo Lake and an Aqua-Gym lesson, conducted by the instructor Umberto Manellino, which was an happy surprise also for the building’s guests, are examples of a week spent surrounded by serenity and friendship.

The main activities were clearly the outdoor athletic trainings and indoor Taekwon-Do technique in the morning, followed by the fights sessions in the afternoon. All the theachers could compare with the others and lead and involve the future champions in their trainings with a great mix of physical activity and smiles.

According to tradition the conclusion of this experience was the lunch in a local refuge which is well-known for its tasty and large meals.

So ….. a smile for everyone and a great experience which has already collected a lot of confirmations for the next summer.

We hope a lot of new partipants  will consider this venture as a possibility to grow in full respect, cordiality and collaboration.

See you next Summer 2015 in Sappada!


Have a look at our pictures!

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There were 137 participants on the ITA Summer camp this year. The main camp organisers were Mr. Mark Buckley VI Dan and Mr Stephen Ryan VI Dan. The camp was divided into 3 groups; black belts aged 13 and above (with over 70 in the group from 1st to 7th degree and with several of ITA’s masters actively training on the camp), colour belts aged 13+ and children aged 10 to 12. Each group had three training sessions per day, with the opportunity for individual and small group consultations each evening. In their off time participants could make use of the swimming pool and sports facilities or just relax. The classes were conducted by some of ITA's most senior instructors and focusing on all aspects of Taekwon-Do; some of the ITA instructors were: Master Wheatley, Mr Stephen Cooley, Mr Stephen Smullen, Mr Adrian Byrne, Mr Niall Jones, Mr Stephen Ryan, Ms Anne-Marie Kinsella, Ms Laura Ryan, Mr Stephen Ryan, Mr Mark Buckley, Mr Luke Laffan. This was the second year we have invited a special guest (last year was Sabum Stephen Tapilatu) and this year was Sabum Tomaz Barada. Mr Barada conducted 2 classes with the black belts each day, 2 classes with the colours belts aged 13+ and one class with the kids group each day. Therefore all groups really had the opportunity to to progress under several hours of tuition form one of the leading coaches in ITF. Mr Barada often let the classes run over time so that he could spend more time with the groups to impart his knowledge. The feedback from all participants was excellent and everyone was really happy with all classes. Next year we will be inviting another well known ITF instructor/master as our special guest and details will be announced soon on For some photos and video clips of Mr Barada in action visit the ITA facebook page: “

The following video was shot on the kid’s group, on a training conducted by Mr Barada:

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