President and Secretary General of ITF in Sport Accord Convention....

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4th Center South American Mar del Plata 2013


On June 7-9, 2013 in the city of Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires - Argentina was held the 4th Center South American ITF Taekwon-Do Tournamentorganized by Master Omar Merodio VII Degree, Tournament Director of FETRA. At the event participated over 1100 competitors from different countries of Central and South America like Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.

There were three days of  competition in Sparring, Patterns, Pre-Arrange Free Sparring, Team Sparring and Team Pattern and The event was developed in an excellent and orderly manner in ten (10) competition rings which worked intensively during the three days of competition.

We appreciate the presence of the five IX Degrees of Argentina, who were present for the opening of the tournament on Saturday.


It is also fair to highlight the work of the 75 selected Umpires who had an exemplary performance conducted by Master Abelardo Benzaquén VII Degree.

Thanks to the framework generated by the public and competitors in the Sports Stadium "Malvinas Islands" of the city of Mar del Plata, it was possible to make an international level tournament once again in this city. 

Master Omar Merodio

7th Degree ITF TKD

Centro Argentino de TKD - Affiliate MDP

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Report of IIC JAPAN

On June 1-2, 2013 ITF Japan held the 83rd International Instructor Course in Tokyo. It was the first IIC in Japan after reformation of ITF. Attended by 80 participants, including 2 Masters, 20 instructors and 50 black belts that came from different areas of Japan, as well as Finland, Malaysia, Singapore and USA. This IIC consisted of many parts covering all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do.


On Saturday morning the members of the ITF Technical Committee were introduced : Grand Masters Héctor Marano , Wim Bos and Ung Kim Lan.

After warm up training, the participants were bound up in the course with a large amount of information that covered fundamental movements, patterns, steps sparring, free sparring, self defense technique and well as other numerous aspects of Taekwon-Do.

At the evening night, the attendees joined the IIC Banquet, held in the traditional Japanese restaurant  located near the venue. 

On Sunday , the participants learned the many different elements of Taekwon-Do , including an analysis of the technical application of patterns,  and practical sparring techniques. 4th Degree and above received an extra morning training with the GM Héctor Marano.


Also many thanks to Master Micael Daher 8th degree President Oceania Continent being present.

During the IIC 3 participants form ITF Japan were promoted to 4th degree: Mr. Genji Kishi, Hirotada Harada and Kazuaki Shibagami. 

The first IIC in Japan was closed by GM’s encouragement and the making of group pictures.

President / Nobuhiko Tadaoka
Chief Director / Seong-Deok Kim
Secretary General / Genji Kishi

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As and from July 2013, the ITF’s Communications Committee has set up a new contact channel, which will help us connect with the overwhelming majority of the Taekwon-Do community around the World.

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IIC JAMAICA – July 25-27, 2013


The International Taekwon-Do Federation’s 85th International Instructors’ Course was held in Ocho Rios, St. Ann Jamaica at the RIU Hotel & Resort from Thursday July 25, to Saturday July 27, 2013. In attendance were 47 participants from six (6) countries (Jamaica, Trinidad, Argentina, USA, Canada and Barbados).

85th IIC Participants with Grand Masters’ Marano & Lan

Grand Master Marano - Performing x-block


Gm Lan - performing self defense


Master Ottesen - Master Lue- Gm Marano - Gm Lan - Master van de Heuvel

GM Marono - Corretting a side kick           GM Lan - performing bending stance

A Masters’ Black belt testing was held on Friday July 26, 2013. The candidates for promotion were from 2 countries (Jamaica, and The USA). All three candidates were successful. The following people were promoted:

  • Claude Chin (Jamaica) promoted to 7th degree
  • Brian McNamara (USA) promoted to 7th degree
  • Cody Springsguth (USA) promoted to 7th degree.  

The Jamaica Taekwon-Do Association thanks the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF), Grand Master Hector Marano and Grand Master Ung Kim Lan for making this experience a reality.





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On the weekend of 15thand 16thJune, the ITF Kids Committee presented two 1 day courses hosted by FITAE and ITF Netherlands. 

On Saturday 15thJune 62 members of FITAE and ITF Ireland attended the 4th ITF Kids course in Rome Italy and on Sunday 16th June 50 members of ITF Netherlands, ITF Germany, ITF Denmark and ITF Belgium attended the 5th ITF Kids course in Utrecht, Netherlands.

  ITF Kids - Rome, Italy


  ITF Kids - Urecht, Netherlands

Each day the course, which focused on the 3-5yrs age range, started with some fun games according to the tenets of Taekwon-Do, these games help the children to understand the tenets and the principles behind them whilst being engaged in fun and enjoyment. 

One of the key parts of the day was explaining about the core principles of the course, this is what really separates this program from any other kids course as it’s to do with how the instructor teaches this age range to get the best out of the children. All the activities in the ITF Kids Course have an underlining message and a specific reason for doing them, instead of just doing a game for the sake of it. 

The course is focused on Taekwon-Do and is driven by the way we teach TKD rather than focusing on themes that are unrelated to ITF TKD. There is a supplementary part that teaches about Danger Awareness specifically for this age range at a very basic level and there is also the introduction of the Kids Folder that they use to complete tasks at home, in the TKD Class and also at their School where their teacher will sign when they are working well. This encourages the children to work in a positive way in all areas of their lives.

 Rome, Italy 

The participants followed many fun games and also took part in some excellent interactive elements of the course where they worked in groups.

  Rome , Italy

The courses were a big success with many people asking for more time to learn all of the new and interesting information. The next one day ITF Kids course will take place on Saturday 31stAugust in Livingston, Scotland. From 2014 the course will be run over two days incorporating the 5-7yrs age range. 

The ITF Kids course has been created for all ITF members, this means the course belongs to the members and is a choice for members to follow. Instructors will however find the teaching principles are relevant to all ages and by following the course an instructor can improve the listening behaviours in their classes, raise the standards and increase retention of students. 

The ITF Kids Committee consists of three members, Master Donato Nardizzi Chairman and Mr Fabian Izquierdo and Mr Philip Lear members. 


Feedback from the courses 

I believe that the opportunity to increase the number of inscriptions and the diffusion of TKD is very high with this course. It is a very good strategy that ITF decided to use to expand in the world.



I have been teaching ITF KIDS for 2 years. This course has made it easier for me to teach it.



Innovative and "funny" course, useful to teach with joy and empathy with the children.



Thanks for the effort in developing such an interesting and useful teaching method. As soon as possible I will share with you ideas and experiences.

Children = Future



A real valid method dedicated to young children often forgotten by other sports or physical activities.



Clear explanations, explained enthusiastically and a lots of energy.
New games. Good and thoughtful construction of the whole ITF Kids program in levels through 9th gup. With many games also Taekwon-Do techniques, and don’t forget the themes .

Master James Tjin-A-Ton – ITF Netherlands


Good addition and motivation to deal with children from 3 years. It is as an instructor extremely rewarding to be part of their education in a responsible manner. 
Good motivating

Pollefeyt Yves – ITF Belgium


Really enjoyed the day and energy, thanks a lot for opening the mind to another level.

Sabum Carlo v de Braak Cong Do Kwan – ITF Netherlands


The ITF Kids Course and program is a brilliant adaptation of the ITF principles to the specific age group. Being flexible in materials makes it ideal for many cultures.

Thomas Brandt – ITF Denmark



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The ITF Taekwon-Do Federation of the Republic of Paraguay (FETREP) has hosted the ITF International Taekwon-Do Course under the direction and organization of Grand Master Javier Dacak, Vice President of the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) and FETREP President, supported by all the Directors. 

The event took place on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 of June, 2013 in the Emperatriz II Hall at the Excelsior Hotel, located in Chile Street No. 980 Asuncion Paraguay. 

ITF President GM Pablo Trajtenberg opened the 84th IIC on Saturday at 09:00 am thus beginning the training and the technical instruction to all the participants in the event. 


GM Hector Marano and GM Wim Bos were in charge to enthuse and energize the practice through his excellent technical demonstrations and with an excellent and clear explanation of the patterns and the sparring techniques with the aim of standardization, especially of the patterns that our Taekwondo Father Gen. Choi Hong Hi has left us. 


It was shocking the dynamics in the physical and recreational practice in the specific exercises for the Taekwon-Do practice, resulting in a total commitment by all participants with an unusual warmth and special admiration. 


No less despicable was the high level of the structure of the event, the level of accommodation and care to the visitors that once again gave hierarchy to ITF Taekwon-Do underpinned by GM Javier Dacak, who has always looked for the level of excellence in the events held by him. 

Nearly a hundred black belts have participated in this event which in itself was unusual by the presence of 4 Grand Masters, valuing the support and presence of none other than the ITF President Pablo Trajtenberg. 

On Sunday at 18:00 am were given the certificates, thus concluding the 84th IIC in Asuncion, Paraguay, for the benefit of all the black belts, instructors, and Masters of the country and the region. 

GM Javier Dacak thanks the ITF by making possible this great event in the country. 


GM Javier Dacak

ITF Vice-President

FETREP President

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