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1) When we perform slow movements
  1. We do it with a full sin wave
  2. We do only a part of the sin wave
  3. We don’t do a sin wave
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2) How many low walking stances we perform in Toy-gye Tul?
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 0
  A B C  
3) Two kicks are consecutive when
  1. We kick with both leg in fast motion
  2. We kick with the same leg
  3. We kick with one breath
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4) The largest of the three ancient Korean Kingdoms was
  1. Koguryo
  2. Baek Je
  3. Silla
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5) According to the Gen. Choi book a Taekwon-Do student should take cold showers and baths to:
  1. Be able to withstand cold temperatures
  2. Build tenacity and pride
  3. For train under unpleasant condition
  A B C  
6) One of the elements in the Theory of Power is:
  1. Have proper stances
  2. Reactive force
  3. Reaction force
  A B C  
7) The rear foot of a walking stance should point outward at:
  1. 15 degrees
  2. 25 degrees
  3. 45 degrees
  A B C  
8) When correcting a student’s patterns, the first thing you should correct is:
  1. The movement of the body
  2. The stance
  3. The height, angle and motion of the attack or defence
  A B C  
9) After performing a kick in patterns, do you perform a sine wave before the next hand movement?
  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. Sometimes
  A B C  
10) The correct angle of the supporting foot for side piercing kick is:
  1. 45 degrees
  2. 75 degrees
  3. Opposite to the direction of the kick
  A B C  
11) Which is the main purpose of teaching the Do in ITF Taekwon-do?
  1. To learn oriental philosophy
  2. To develop a complete person, and a good citizen with good human values
  3. To facilitate the learning of ITF techniques
  A B C  
12) Which materials ITF used to develop the basic program to teach de DO?
  1. The Theory of power
  2. The tenets of Taekwon-do
  3. The Taekwon-do oath’s
  A B C
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